I am an artist and a painter from California. I studied art at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, under the instruction of Constance Kocs and Robert Kingston. I prefer Abstract Expressionist Art. Inspired by Mark Rothko and other masters of the New York School of Abstract Art, I desire to simplify the complexities of modern life into its simplest forms and colors. And re-interpret them in my artwork.

I use the term chromatic expressionism to describe my art because of my dynamic use of shapes and colors. It is the purpose of my artwork to engage its audience in the moment. It pervades my work.

I believe that to simplify the complexities of life gives one pause; gives one a chance to breathe. The daily onslaught of images from a variety of sources is maddening.  My work is an attempt to slow down; not to reminisce but to take a look at the moment. It gives one a chance to reflect.

I don't want to change the world nor to reinvent the wheel. I just want to make art. I want to create art that people will engage. This is my hope. And that is all that I wish to achieve.